Tonsillar Reduction


Atlanta Tonsil Reduction Surgery

Radio frequency (RF) tonsil reduction surgery is indicated for the treatment of chronically infected tonsils, “tonsil stones” (tonsiliths), and enlarged tonsils. Radio frequency tonsil reduction surgery is performed at the Atlanta Snoring Institute in about 20 minutes, using only local anesthesia. It is appropriate for patients over the age of 16 and can be helpful for people seeking a snoring remedy. Older ways of removing the tonsils and adenoids include cutting with a scalpel or burning with electrocautery. These methods can cause extensive pain and may damage surrounding healthy tissue. Our advanced RF technology allows us to gently and precisely remove tissue leading to a fast and easier recovery.


How does radio frequency tonsillar reduction work?

The procedure involves the use of radio frequency technology to vaporize the outer surface of the tonsils, eliminating infection and significantly reducing their size. Our advanced technology for radiofrequency tonsil reduction combines bipolar radiofrequency energy with a natural saline solution to gently and precisely remove tissue, leading to a much quicker recovery than traditional tonsil surgery.

What are the advantages of radio frequency tonsil reduction?

  • Faster recovery than traditional tonsil surgery
  • Performed in the office instead of the operating room
  • No general anesthesia
  • Most patients can drive themselves home
  • Most patients can return to work the next day


If your tonsils are a problem contributing to snoring, sleep apnea or your overall health, take the first step towards a better night’s sleep and a healthier lifestyle with a radiofrequency tonsillar reduction in Atlanta. Make an appointment at Atlanta Snoring Institute for an evaluation today.

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