Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

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Atlanta Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Patient History & Physical Exam

Sleep Apnea diagnosis begins on your first visit, your physician at Atlanta Snoring Institute will take a careful history of your sleep condition, followed by a full visual examination of your airway – from the tip of your nose to your lungs.


Sleep Study

A sleep study (polysomnogram) is usually necessary in order to accurately diagnose obstructive sleep apnea. Fortunately, most of our patients can be evaluated with a home sleep study device, allowing you to perform the test from the comfort of your own bed. After the study is completed, the device is returned and our medical team downloads the data to interpret it and make a diagnosis. Overall, home sleep testing is much more convenient and appealing to our patients than traditional in-lab sleep studies. In addition, home sleep studies are less expensive.

Atlanta Snoring Institute also works directly with several sleep centers around Atlanta that offer a spa-like environment for overnight sleep testing. If in-lab testing is necessary, our office will find a sleep center with which your insurance company contracts and arrange for your diagnostic sleep study.


Screening Tools

Find out your level of risk for sleep apnea before scheduling a consultation by taking one or both of the following short quizzes. Please note that these evaluations are screening tools and not a substitute for a medical consultation. Only a full examination by one of our physicians can provide a proper diagnosis and treatment for your condition.

Snore Quiz

Take the snore quiz to determine if chronic snoring is affecting your quality of sleep and relationships.

Epworth Sleepiness Scale

Always sleepy? The Epworth Scale is a validated measure for determining the possibility of having sleep apnea.

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