common sleep disorders

Top 4 Most Common Sleep Disorders

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common sleep disorders

Studies indicate that the average person spends about a third of their life sleeping.

Of course, this statistic refers to those who experience healthy sleep patterns. For those who suffer from common sleep disorders, they may spend significantly less (or more) time sleeping. In other cases, your sleep may be disrupted by a sleep disorder your partner has.

Wondering if your sleep is being disturbed by a medical problem? We’ve got the list of the four most common sleep disorders here to help.

1. Snoring

Of all sleep disorders, snoring is likely the most common. Snoring has a variety of causes, ranging from benign issues like sleep position to more serious problems like obesity.

Statistics indicate that about 20-30 percent of women snore, compared to about 40-50 percent of men. If you’re not sure whether you snore or not, ask your partner, as they are likely aware.

The most important step to stopping snoring is identifying its cause. If simply fixes like changing sleep position or cutting down on alcohol don’t help, you may need to visit a sleep specialist.

2. Insomnia

While snoring is likely to irritate others while you sleep, insomnia is a disorder that will irritate you while you don’t sleep. Those who suffer from insomnia experience difficulty falling asleep at night, and often have difficulty staying asleep. They may wake several times in the middle of the night, or may wake too early and not be able to fall back to sleep.

Insomnia can be acute or chronic. Acute insomnia is often caused by lifestyle issues like stress, while chronic insomnia may stem from a more serious medical or psychiatric problem.

3. Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes individuals to stop breathing for several seconds during sleep due to an obstructed airway. This can cause snoring, coughing, or choking sounds.

This experience causes the brain to briefly wake from sleep in order to resume breathing. These periods of waking disrupt sleep, and prevent the patient from truly falling into a deep sleep. Additionally, the effort required to resume breathing can put a strain on the heart, which can lead to other health problems down the line.

Diagnosing sleep apnea usually requires a sleep study. Those who have the disorder can treat it by wearing a special mask while they sleep to aid breathing.

4. Restless Leg Syndrome

Those who suffer from restless leg syndrome (RLS) experience a persistent need to move their legs while resting. They often experience the sensation of crawling, aching, pinching, or throbbing feelings on their legs while they are lying down.

When experiencing these symptoms, often the only relief comes from massaging the legs. These feelings on the legs can make it difficult for the patient to relax at night and fall asleep and stay asleep.

Get Help With Common Sleep Disorders Today

Understanding the signs and symptoms of common sleep problems can help you identify if you need help. If you believe you have a problem that requires further medical attention, contact us today to schedule an appointment and get the treatment you need.

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