deviated septum treatment

5 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Recovery After a Deviated Septum Treatment

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deviated septum treatment

A deviated septum can be the culprit behind a whole lot of issues such as nosebleeds, headaches, congestion, and of course, snoring.

Septoplasty, the medical term for getting a deviated septum treatment, is a common and quick procedure that will see you in and out of the hospital within the day.

Whatever your reason is for getting a deviated septum treatment, taking care of yourself post operation is just as important to how your nose will heal as the surgery itself.

So, for when your procedure is over, here are 5 tips for you to make sure recovery goes just as well as the surgery did.

1. Don’t Hit the Nose on the Button

Even though your brain may just ignore it, your nose is always in your line of vision. For the next few weeks, however, you’re going to need to have your brain be aware of it.

The first thing you’re going to keep in mind is to keep your nose elevated. Especially at night and during the first days after the surgery when your nose is most likely to bleed.

You’re also going to want to be more aware of when you need to sneeze and when you feel like you have to blow your nose for a week or so. As uncomfortable as it may be, you will want to refrain from doing those things because it may be rather painful if you don’t

Wear button up clothing.

No, that’s not fashion advice either. Wearing button ups means you don’t have to pull shirts over your head and run the risk of touching your sensitive nose right now. If you just have to wear a normal shirt, be sure you stretch the collar wide while going over your face.

2. Gauze and Ice Make It Heal It Nice

Ice and Gauze are going to be your best friends for the first week or so after you have a deviated septum treatment.

More than likely, there will be a lot of blood. It’s not uncommon to have to use a new gauze pad every hour or so immediately following the septoplasty.

As time continues to pass, you’ll have to change the gauze out less, but be sure to monitor the gauze/blood for the first couple of days before the bleeding stops.

With any treatment on your nose, you will experience some swelling around nose and eyes. Ice it. You can use ice packs or use your mother’s old tricks and put some frozen veggies.

Be sure to put it on gently just to avoid the pain.

A key to remember here is to avoid aspirin or ibuprofen or similar medications for about a month after the surgery. They thin the blood and can lead to more bleeding.

3.Get Some Zs

A deviated septum treatment is just like getting any other procedure done.

Your body has gone (and is still going) through a lot. It simply needs to rest. Make sure your boss knows before hand about the surgery so you can have the days following the treatment off.

Rest and sleep are always vital for whenever they body needs to heal itself.

Stay in bed, relax with some Netflix and let yourself be pampered by your kids, significant other or whoever you can guilt trip into being your butler for a couple of days.

Just be sure to keep your head elevated when lying in bed.

4. It’s Right Under Your Nose

Watch what you eat.

Seriously, what you eat can affect how your surgery heals (If you happen to be on a diet as well, win/win). Eating too much or too soon after treatment on your deviated septum can lead to nausea in certain patients.

You’re going to want to focus on eating food that’s cold in temperature, soft to chew and light.

5. Q-Tips…Not Just for Ears

Petroleum Jelly. In your nose.

As silly as it may feel, it’s going to come in handy. Like using a pencil to itch a scratch in a cast, you’re going to want to use a q tip (or something similarly as non-invasive) to put petroleum jelly around the inner ridge of your nostrils.

This will make sure your nose, after the deviated septum surgery, doesn’t get dry and form a hard crust as the new scar tissue heals.

If you’ve made the decision to go through with your septoplasty, you rest assured that it will be a quick and successful surgery. These 5 tips listed above to assure that your nose and septum heal successfully as well. Just remember to take care and precaution with your new nose!

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