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5 Natural Remedies to Help Stop Snoring Tonight

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Has your partner told you that your snoring is keeping them up at night?

Research shows an average 2 out of 5 women say their husbands’ snoring has forced them to sleep in another room.

That’s not good for a relationship!

Snoring disrupts the sleep of your partner and you.

Snoring problems often lead to sleepless nights and exhaustion the following day. Read about these 5 natural remedies that will help you stop snoring.

1. Keep Hydrated to Stop Snoring

Staying hydrated is a good rule of thumb in general. If you’re having snoring issues, you should consider if you’re getting enough water.

Drinking water throughout the day helps break up mucus. If you’re snoring is caused my nasal congestion this could help.

There’s no magic number for how much water you should have. Some doctors say 8 glasses a day.

When you’re thirsty, reach for water instead of dehydrating beverages. That includes coffee, tea, soda, and any caffeinated drink.

2. Don’t Drink Alcohol At Least 4 Hours Before Bed

A couple glasses of wine before bed might help knock you out fast. However, drinking alcohol before bed can affect your sleep in a number of ways.

Drinking alcohol is incredibly dehydrating. If you have a night cap before bed, make sure you’ve been drinking water all day. Have water between alcoholic beverages.

Besides being dehydrating, booze relaxes your tongue and throat. This constricts your airways and causes snoring. The same is true for sedatives.

Alcohol and sedatives can get you to sleep, but they might be waking you up.

3. Change Your Sleep Position

The cure for snoring problems could be as simple as changing your sleep position.

There are some “snoring pillows” on the market that are supposed help you stop. That’s not necessary. All you need is some extra pillows!

You can first try sleeping with your head elevated. That might keep your nasal passages from getting congested.

You can also attempt sleeping on your side. That can also help drain your congestion.

4. Gain Control of Your Allergies

If you have chronic allergies, try getting on allergy medication. That might help you stop snoring right away.

You can also try bringing a humidifier into the room.

If your nasal passages are dry and bleeding, that will cause a lot of congestion, and if you’re well hydrated, it might be that the room is just naturally dry. This is especially true if you live in a dry climate.

5. Consider Losing Weight

Gained a little weight recently?

Extra weight around your neck puts pressure on your airways. This can cause snoring or the more serious sleep apnea.

Get out a tape measure and measure your neck. Physicians say that for women, their neck circumference should be 16 inches or less. For men, 17 inches.

Even a small weight loss can take pressure off your neck and ease your breathing.

Have You Tried Any of These Tips?

Did they work? Let us know in the comments!

Have you tried everything to stop snoring and nothing works?

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