man suffering from snoring and sleep apnea

What you Need to Know About the AIRvance or Siesta Procedures

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man suffering from snoring and sleep apneaIf you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you’ve most likely tried many sleep apnea treatments, such as using a CPAP machine, in order to improve your symptoms and overall health. Often, however, patients can’t tolerate this.


A significant issue contributing to OSA can be the repetitive collapsing of the tongue, which falls back against the back of the throat. This can result your upper airway passage becoming obstructed, which blocks the flow of air.


The AIRvance and Siesta procedures offer a unique new option for millions of people who suffer from sleep apnea that’s caused when their tongue obstructs their airway.


In this blog, the specialists at Atlanta Snoring Institute will explain what you need to know about the AIRvance procedure or Siesta procedure.


What is the AIRvance and Siesta procedure?

The AIRvance procedure and Siesta procedure have been approved by the FDA and provide support for the tongue through a sling-like device that’s inserted under the chin. This suspends the tongue, preventing it from collapsing into and obstructing the airway during sleep.


If necessary, the surgeon can also implant the same device into the hyoid bone, which serves as an anchoring structure for your tongue. Sometimes the tongue suspension is performed alone, but it may also be necessary for your surgeon to suspend the hyoid as well.


More than 15,000 of these procedures have been performed, so it has a proven track record of safety and successful results.


What is involved in the AIRvance and Siesta procedures?

A specially trained sleep apnea doctor will perform a surgery in which a suture is implanted under your chin, securing it with a small screw. It forms a hammock-like device that suspends your tongue to prevent it from falling back into your airspace while you sleep.


Your doctor can use the same device to implant a small suture in the hyoid bone at the base of the tongue. This suture repositions the hyoid bone, bringing it forward and up toward your chin. This opens up the airway behind the tongue, so it’s not obstructed. As with the tongue procedure, the hyoid suture is held in place by small screws.


What are the benefits of the AIRvance or Siesta procedures?

The benefits of the AIRvance or Siesta procedures include:

  • Directly addresses and corrects airway obstruction by the tongue, providing long-term, sustained relief from snoring and sleep apnea
  • Quick procedure that takes only about 30 minutes to perform
  • Fast recovery
  • Potential to no longer need CPAP machine
  • Doesn’t cause a significant change to your facial appearance, as more invasive jaw surgeries can
  • Shorter recovery time compared to more invasive surgeries


What can you expect after the AIRvance or Siesta procedures?

Clinical studies confirm that use of the AIRvance procedure and the Siesta procedure provides effective, long-term relief from snoring and sleep apnea and since the screws and sutures are so small, patients can’t feel them after the procedure.


After the procedures, patients have experienced the following:

  • A significant decrease – as much as 73% – in the number of times breathing stops in an hour. This means patients are getting significantly more oxygen into their systems after the procedure.
  • Long-term success rates of up to 78% based on a three-year follow-up study
  • Significant improvements in symptoms such as sleepiness and fatigue during the day


Where can I find the AIRvance or Siesta procedures in Atlanta?

At the Atlanta Snoring Institute, the AIRvance or Siesta procedure is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia in an outpatient surgery center or hospital.


The Atlanta Snoring Institute is dedicated to treating snoring, using a full range of medical, minimally invasive, and surgical treatments. We’re dedicated to improving your health and will work with you to provide the best treatment options to effectively manage your condition.


Make an appointment at Atlanta Snoring Institute for an evaluation today, and our specialists will evaluate your specific condition to determine the best type of treatment for long-lasting, effective results. You’ll be taking the first step toward getting the restful, restorative sleep you need in order to be in the best possible health and enjoy your life.

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