Radiofrequency Base of Tongue Reduction

Atlanta Tongue Reduction for Sleep ApneaRadio frequency (RF) base of tongue reduction is a surgical procedure performed to treat obstructive sleep apnea. When an enlarged or high arched base of tongue is contributing to airway obstruction this procedure will frequently help eradicate this situation.

The procedure involves inserting a narrow needle-like probe deep under the surface of the base of tongue and then delivering radio frequency energy to these deep tissues in order to create an area of vaporization of these tissues and subsequent scar formation. This scar formation will cause contraction and shrinkage of the base of tongue over a period of two months following the procedure. It does not interfere with normal functioning of the tongue and complications are rare.

Radio frequency base of tongue reduction is a simple 10 minute procedure in the office under local anesthesia which allows you to return to work and normal activities immediately.

Take the first step towards a better night's sleep and a healthier lifestyle for you and your bed partner. Contact an Atlanta Tongue Reduction Doctor to schedule an expert consultation.

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“Snoring left me feeling sluggish and tired all the time. I called The Atlanta Snoring Institute and after a quick 20 minute procedure, I was back to sleeping like when I was in College. ” 

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